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Changes to MS Teams Recordings

Microsoft have announced some changes to meeting recordings within MS Teams. 

MS Teams meeting recordings will be held in a different location and will no longer expire. 

These changes, which are detailed below, came into effect in September 2021. 

Location of MS Teams recordings

Previously MS Teams recordings were saved to a temporary location and would be available within the meeting chat. 

From September onwards these recordings will still be available in the chat however will be saved to a different location, depending on the type of MS Teams call: 

​​Recordings of general calls and meetings not initiated within an existing MS Teams channel (e.g. one to one calls, ad hoc meetings scheduled via MS Outlook).  These will be auto-saved to a “Recordings” folder within the OneDrive​ account of the person who pressed the Record button on the call (not necessarily the person who arranged the meeting).   

OneDrive image

All meeting attendees will have view access, but the meeting organiser and the person who recorded the meeting can alter the sharing permissions.

Recordings of meetings initiated within an existing MS Teams channel (e.g. a project team, or working team).  These will be auto-saved to the SharePoint site associated with the MS Teams channel, and can be accessed via a “Recordings” folder within the Team’s “Files” tab on the channel.  

Teams Recordings image

All team members will have view access, but the Team owner(s) can alter sharing permissions.

MS Teams Recordings and Moodle

MS Teams recordings, must not be uploaded to Moodle directly as MP4 files as this can severely disrupt the service when a number of students simultaneously attempt to view uploaded video files. 

Moodle is not optimised for delivering video.  

If you wish to include an MS Teams recording on your Moodle site then you should upload the mp4 file to your Panopto module folder and add it as a link. 

Expiry of MS Teams recordings

Previously MS Teams recordings would be saved to temporary MS Teams cloud storage and would expire after 20 days with no way to recover the recording unless it was manually moved before the expiry date. 

Recordings no longer have an expiry date. 

Further information

Further information about recording meetings and the upcoming changes can be found on the Microsoft website:

If you have any queries or concerns please contact the IS Service Desk​