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​Changes to Software 

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Information Services (IS) manage the University's software, ensuring that staff and students benefit from a University desktop image which:

  • Includes all of the software required for teaching and University business
  • Operates efficiently and effectively


In order to achieve this, Information Services ask that academic staff submit requests for the following:

  • New software
  • Upgrades to software
  • Removal of software no longer required.


This page offers guidance for academic staff, Deans and Directors responsible for requesting changes to the current software offering.

If you wish to request software for your managed laptop then please visit the Managed Laptop Software Request page. ​




New software can be requested at anytime of the year, however you must give at least 30 days notice.  


This will enable Information Services to prepare, install and test any new or upgraded software. 


Requesting New Software


The procedure for requesting new software is as follows:


1.   Requests for individual items of software must be submitted via the Software Request Form


2.  Each request must be approved (usually by the Head of Department).  An email from the Approver must be attached to the form in order for it to be submitted.


3.   If approved, Information Services will notify the requestor and log a call to complete the request.

Points for consideration


Before you submit your request you should consider the following points, some of which will be asked in the form:


Existing or similar product:

  • Is the software already available via the desktop, if not is similar software available?


  • Are there any security implications?


  • How many people will use the software (minimum expected, maximum expected)?
  • How many users are likely to be using the application at the same time (concurrency)?


  • What kind of licence is the software subject to?
  • Can one licence be used by more than one user (floating)?
  • Who will be the named contact for consultation regarding licence type (e.g. departmental technical staff)?


  • What type of device(s) will the software be used on – desktop, mobile
  • Will the software need to be available via the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS)?


  • Is the software to be available on an Edinburgh Napier device (including VDS) or personal?
  • Is the software to be located in a particular School or specific location/lab?
  • Does the software need to be available off campus?

Academic requirement:

  • Does the software have a particular link to module / programme / research project?


  • How much will the software cost?
  • Is this committed to from existing budget holders?
  • Is this a “core” application?

Agreement to update/patch without consent:

  • Is it OK for Information Services to patch or update this software as upgrades are released?

Upgrading / Removing Software


To ensure the University-wide Windows desktop service remains clean, stable and efficient you must inform Information Services of any centrally distributed desktop applications which are no longer required and can be removed.


Similarly you should inform us of any software which needs to be upgraded.


You should inform us of any software upgrades or removals via the Software Request Form


Further Information


If you have any queries or require further information please contact the IS Service Desk in the first instance.