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​​​​Energy saving tips

Every action counts! Here are some simple tips to reduce energy usage on campus that can make a big difference. Together we can make a meaningful contribution to our university's sustainability efforts and to a greener future. 

All colleagues: 

  • Turn off computers, screens, printers and photocopiers when you leave your office for the evening. 
  • Lights when not in room 
  • Only fill kettles as much as you need them 
  • Ensure booked spaces are used effectively 
  • Report any energy saving opportunities to environment@napier.ac.uk 

Catering Teams 

  • Only power-up equipment when required 
  • Do not switch off fridges and fridge freezers 
  • Co​mpile a clear list of any equipment that must stay on and turn off the rest of the equipment at the end of the day 

Cleaning teams 

  • Only use hot water when required 
  • Switch off lights when vacating rooms 
  • Keep windows closed during the winter 

Gym team 

  • Only open spaces or power-up equipment when required 
  • Switch off lights and equipment in spaces when not in use 


  • Actively manage all evening and weekend commercial events into specific zoned areas so that heating and lighting can be better controlled 
  • Switch off lighting and equipment at the end of each event, including catering equipment where applicable 


  • Discuss possibility of computer automatic switch-on and switch-off and consider server and other equipment options 
  • Record usage of spaces, notably during evenings and weekends 


  • Follow procedures for effective equipment management 


  • Highlight common issues or opportunities 
  • Continue monitoring of 24/7 spaces 

Has your team implemented changes or run projects to reduce your carbon footprint? Let us know! Email J.Benzie@napier.ac.uk.