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Travel guidance during Covid-19 

If you need to travel to the University, please plan ahead. Visit Transport ​Scotland​ for the latest Scottish Government advice and up-to-date guidance on public transport and active travel. 

However you travel, please ensure you are very clear of the facilities available and rules in place before you start your journey.

Cycling is a great way to get around the city and at Edinburgh Napier, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to travel to campus by bike.

Planning your route? Type in your starting point and destination to www.cyclestreets.net/journey​ to find the quietest, safest routes.

Bikes on Trams

Up to two bicycles may be carried on the trams at the discretion of the on board staff. Restrictions apply on peak services (Monday to Friday 7.30am – 9:.30am and 4pm-6.30pm), throughout the Edinburgh International Festival in August and during any pre-publicised events.

Cyclists should board at the centre section, marked on the platform by a disability logo tile. Once on board, cyclists must take guidance from staff and remain with their bicycles at all times. There are no extra charges for bikes.

Bikes on buses

You can take folding bicycles, folded and fully enclosed in a suitable carrying bag on Lothian Buses. 

Some X62 Borders Buses can now take up to four bikes on board. You can track the bike-friendly buses on the Borders Buses app.

Bikes on trains

You can take your bike for free on a train, but for some train journeys you may have to book a space. Scotrail provide cycle parks so you can leave your bike at the station. More information on reserving a bike space and facilities at scotrail.co.uk/plan-your-journey/cycling 

Workplace Cyclescheme

Edinburgh Napier offers a bike to work cycle scheme open to all staff employed on contracted hours, whose contracts of employment with Edinburgh Napier run for at least the length of the agreement (12 months) and who do not drop below the national minimum wage once the loan repayment has been deducted. 

For more information, visit the Benefits page.


We have four eCycles at Edinburgh Napier for staff and student use. The ultimate goal is to encourage more active and sustainable and forms of travel to and from the University, and in and around Edinburgh.

All users are provided with a one-to-one induction, covering all working elements of the bicycles. If you're relatively new to cycling or if it's a long time since you've been on a bike, we offer training in partnership with local community partners.

A gold standard d-lock and a lock cable are provided with each eCycle as standard. Users are also offered the use of a helmet, high visibility vest and either one or two panniers. You will be required to read and sign our User Agreement once you've completed your induction.

Our eCycles can only be used by students currently studying at Edinburgh Napier.

Contact eCycle@napier.ac.uk​ or call 0131 455 3747 for more information.

Edinburgh Cycle Hire Scheme

The Just Eat cycle hire scheme has docking stations across Edinburgh, including outside Merchiston Campus and Edinburgh College at Sighthill.

You can buy a £40 uni pass​, which gives you unlimited one-hour journeys for a whole year!

Storage facilities

Please visit the individual campus or student accommodation pages in this Transport section for an overview of the storage facilities available on each site. We have two emergency locks available on each campus if you forget to bring yours - please ask at security.

Safe cycling on the canal

The canal is a great way to travel off road to both Sighthill and Craiglockhart. The exit for Sighthill Campus is signposted and for Craiglockhart the nearest exit is Allan Park Footbridge. 

Give way to walkers and alert them by ringing your bell. The path is often only 1m wide, and can be wet and uneven.

Dismount at all road crossings, bridges, aqueducts and blind bends and at canal weirs, including cobbled weirs. Use lights where appropriate. Do not speed - speed causes accidents! 

Second-hand bike shops in Edinburgh

There is a great choice of second-hand bike shops in Edinburgh. Edinburgh Napier has links to The Bike Station, which provides Dr Bike repair sessions through the year. They offer a 3-month warranty on bikes sold and the proceeds support their work promoting cycling. 

Second hand bikes are also available from:

Pedal Forth

Eastside Bikes

Soul Cycles

Leith Cycle Co

There are also lots of shops selling new bikes parts and accessories, such as:

Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative

Evans Cycles

Cycle Republic

Freewheelin Cycles​

Most cycle shops will also offer a bike repair service and provide you with safety advice.

Bike repair

The Edinburgh Bike Station offers maintenance courses​ and runs Dr Bike events in the meadows. You can also hire a fully-equipped work stand for just £6 per hour, giving you a work stand and work space, and access to all the specialist tools you need. They also throw in free tea, coffee, gloves and overalls, and free oil and grease for your bike. They’ll provide you with expert help and advice, including manuals.

Look out for Edinburgh Napier Dr Bike events at our campuses and student accommodation.​