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Transport and Travel


There are many options for travel to and from our accommodation sites, campuses and offices. We've pulled together maps and other resources that should help you find your way.


Staff, students and visitors are encouraged to investigate all travel options available, including walking, cycling and public transport when travelling to and from the University. According to our 2017 Travel Survey, 66.8% of staff and students across all campuses cycle, walk or take public transport when travelling to the University. 

The University has gained almost £250,000 in grants to support active travel over the past ten years, including funding from Cycling Scotland, SEStran and Sustrans. The grants have supported projects such as the off-road path through Edinburgh College.

Information contained on our travel pages are for guidance only. Staff, students and visitors should assess any risks associated with any form of transport used for the daily and term-time commute.​ The Environmental Sustainability team are always happy to help with travel advice. If you’re looking for information on travel maps, bike locks, bike storage and facilities or public transport, please contact us.