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Transport Overview


There are many options for travel to and from our accommodation sites, campuses and offices.  We've pulled together maps and other resources that should help you find your way to the following ten locations in Edinburgh:  Bainfield, Bankhead, Craiglockhart, Merchiston, Morningside, Morrison Circus, Orwell TerraceScreen Academy, Sighthill and Slateford Road.  View our intercampus travel document for travel options between our main campuses.  The document contains information on all options available.  Contact Jamie Pearson with any queries.


Staff, students and visitors are encouraged to investigate all travel options available, including walking, cycling and public transport when travelling to and from the University.  Information contained on our travel pages are for guidance only.  Staff, students and visitors should assess any risks associated with any form of transport used for the daily and term-time commute.

The University offers interest free loans​ to enable staff to buy an annual rail or bus pass.  We do not offer this for Lothian Buses as their monthly direct debit ticket is their cheapest option (cheaper than their annual payment option).  The University is a corporate member of the Enterprise Car Club.  As a result, staff and students can access a discount code for personal membership.  Contact Jamie Pearson for more information.


Travel Policy

We ran a staff and student travel surveys in March 2011, March 2013 and March 2017.  The 2017 data will be used with the results of the 2011 and 2013 surveys to develop a new Travel Plan for the University.  The Plan will supersede the existing Strategic Transport Policy and a specific Travel Plan for Sighthill and will provide a key focus for further supporting and developing active travel at all University sites.


Collective Impact

Calculations made in 2009, as part of our Carbon Management Plan development highlighted that the daily and term-time commute of staff and students to and from the University emits roughly 11,600 tonnes of carbon annually (2006/07 baseline).  To give 11,600 tonnes some context, during the same 2006/07 baseline, carbon emissions associated with all business functions covering business travel, energy, water and generation of waste emitted 11,116 tonnes.  So, the movement of staff and students emits more carbon than we do as an institution.  Choosing public transport and active travel options can collectively help to reduce this environmental impact.