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Sponsor duties

​For all Tier 4 students, the University must:

  • ensure they will meet the Tier 4 requirements before issuing a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) in accordance with our CAS issuing policy.
  • verify their original passport and visa on arrival and report any student who does not arrive to start their course (including those whose visa application is refused)
  • maintain up to date contact details and keep a copy of their passport, visa and other documents
  • ensure that they continue to hold a valid visa and comply with their visa conditions
  • monitor their attendance and engagement during their studies
  • report withdrawal of sponsorship (e.g. due to an unauthorised period of absence)
  • report all course changes or other significant changes to their circumstances
  • report any students who suspend or withdraw from their studies.
  • The University must report all relevant changes to UKVI within 10 working days. It is therefore essential that all staff ensure all change of circumstances are informed and processed as soon as possible. This ensures that the Visa and International Support Team will be able to report the relevant change.

What staff should be aware of

It is particularly important that staff are aware that any changes to a student’s course or their personal circumstances could affect their immigration status. Staff should refer all students in this category to the Visa and International Support Team, particularly if students are considering suspending their studies.

There is limit on the amount of time that can be spent studying at degree level and above on a Tier 4 visa, which for most students on taught programmes is five/six years. Any students repeating one or more years of their course or changing to a longer course could potentially be affected by this so must be referred to the Student Immigration Service.

How Tier 4 compliance is managed

The Head of Student Recruitment and Admissions is the Authorising Officer and has overall responsibility for our Tier 4 sponsor licence. The Visa and International Support Team comes under the Student Recruitment and Admissions (which is part of International Operations) and deals with all matters relating to student immigration.

All staff at the University play a crucial role in Tier 4 compliance by following established processes, acting promptly if any issues with a student are identified and seeking advice as necessary. The University can only remain compliant through the cooperation and input of all staff.