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​​​Updated: 2 September 2020



Expanded 12 Principles for Online Learning and Teaching: Principle 8 Work With Colleagues


Principle 08 Work With Colleagues

Review programme modules together. Agree on what needs to be consistent, and what can be more individualised, across modules in a programme. Seek advice and share practice with colleagues.


Work in collaboration with colleagues from your programmes and subject group. Each subject group has a representative in the Digital Support Partnership project and colleagues in other roles, view the membership list and get in contact if you find yourself in need of support.


Ask a colleague to be a back-up when you run live sessions with students, so they can allow you to focus on the main event while they help individuals with technical problems or respond to questions in the chat. Team teaching online can alleviate the intensity (and frustration) of interacting with some technologies. Invite colleagues to give a short guest lecture, or ask external guest speakers who may be professionals or in other institutions. Offer reciprocal arrangements and include students in external collaborations so they can see their learning apply in a real-world context.


Seek advice from experienced colleagues. Use your external network and seek out those who are doing similar work in other institutions or organisations. If you are experienced, share your practice and show examples of your work.


Developing your Teaching and Support for Online Learning Moodle Community

Self enrol on this community site for staff to discuss and share online teaching practices and tools. DLTE also share webinar recordings and links to useful resources.


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