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​Conversations on Online Learning

A podcast discussing online learning and how to support it


DSPpodcast.jpgTake a break from your screen and get some fresh air! Introducing the DSP podcast series 'Conversations on Online Learning'. Join us as we chat to experts from around the globe about online learning and teaching.


Download each episode on your favourite app (see details here), grab some headphones and go for a walk while you listen in on our conversations. The MP3 files for each episode are also downloadable from the Edinburgh Napier University Media Library​.


In each episode, we’ll ask our featured guest to share their own particular area of expertise and experiences related to online learning, and we’ll discuss how this has informed their understanding and practice. We’ll also ask our guests to share their advice on teaching and supporting learning online.


podcast-icon.pngEPISODE 7: Dot Powell, University of Warwick


podcast-icon.pngEPISODE 6: Dani Dilkes, Western University Canada


podcast-icon.pngEPISODE 5: Gavin Henrick, Brickfield Education Labs


podcast-icon.pngEPISODE 4: A conversation with Occupational Health postgraduates who researched student experiences of being online at Edinburgh Napier University [17:36]


podcast-icon.pngEPISODE 3: Dr Alison Gilmour from University of Greenwich ​​​​


podcast-icon.pngEPISODE 2: Dr Caroline Kühn from Bath Spa University​​​​


podcast-icon.pngEPISODE 1: Dr Susanna Kohonen from the University of Eastern Finland​​​​



Creative Commons Licence
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License​​​​


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