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​​The Digital Support Partnership Research Project


The Digital Support Partnership​ is a 14-month project supporting staff to help student wellbeing and engagement with learning and teaching and over the academic year 2020-21. As part of this strategic project, we are collecting and analysing information about staff and students’ experiences which we would disseminate and publish externally in the educational research field.


We are gathering data from staff and students in a number of ways, including surveys and focus groups.


Research Team and contact information

The research team is based at Edinburgh Napier University. The Primary Investigator is Dr Louise Drumm, l.drumm@napier.ac.uk


Other members of the research team are Dr Fiona Smart, Cameron Graham, Kirsty McKay, Dr Stuart Taylor, Dr Imi Dencer-Brown, Dr Ingeborg van Knippenberg and Dr Claire Garden. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns.


For students:

If you are struggling emotionally or with isolation, please reach out to Edinburgh Napier University’s wellbeing services. You can find out more about the support they offer by following this link https://my.napier.ac.uk/Wellbeing-and-Support/Counselling/Pages/Counselling.aspx


For staff:

If you are struggling emotionally, or with isolation, you will find on the following pages a range of information, resources and support. https://staff.napier.ac.uk/services/hr/workingattheUniversity/healthandwellbeing/Pages/healthandwellbeing.aspx



DSP Research Project data-management-plan_29thNov20.pdfDigital Support Partnership Research Project Data Management Plan


DSPR Edinburgh Napier University Research Consent Form - Staff.pdfDSPR Edinburgh Napier University Research Consent Form: Staff


DSPR Edinburgh Napier University Research Consent Form - Student.pdfDSPR Edinburgh Napier University Research Consent Form: Student


DSPR Edinburgh Napier University Research Consent Form_children and young people.pdfDSPR Edinburgh Napier University Research Consent Form: Children and Young People


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