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​​​Updated: 2 September 2020



Expanded 12 Principles for Online Learning and Teaching: Principle 10 Build in Flexibility


Principle 10 Build in Flexibility

Consult with students. You might need to change teaching approaches during the trimester. Be open that this may happen and you welcome their feedback.


A tool might not work as expected or circumstances may change which affect your teaching approach. Links may stop working or files may display differently on their devices, so always ask students to get in contact with you if they have problems. Consult with students when making changes and always let them know when you have made changes, and where to find content if you have moved it.


Where changes may impact learning outcomes or assessment refer to Managing Change Approvals 2020/21.


You do not need to have all content ready for the start of trimester, in fact it would not be wise to do so as the first few weeks will have a substantial ‘bedding in’ period.


While it may be tempting to provide a full trimester of digital materials in Moodle, planned gaps allow you to be responsive, incorporate up-to-the-minute resources or invite students to contribute to the curriculum. As they become more confident with module topics and learning online, invite them to design learning experiences for their peers or co-teach a live session.


Developing your Teaching and Support for Learning Online Moodle Community

Self enrol on this community site for staff to discuss and share online teaching practices and tools. DLTE also share webinar recordings and links to useful resources.


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