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​​​Updated: 2 September 2020



Expanded 12 Principles for Online Learning and Teaching: Principle 12 There Is No One Way


Principle 12 There Is No One Way

Find what works for you. There is no one right way of preparing and running online modules. Find what is right for you, your subject and your students.


Be selective if you are investing time in learning about new tools. You don’t need to know everything about Moodle to run a highly engaging module. Pick a few tools and use them well. Beware of experienced colleagues giving advice who may have forgotten the learning curve it took to get them where they are. When in doubt keep things simple, and only read and take advice when you have capacity to adapt it to your context.


Recognise that colleagues may be having very different experiences to yours and have different support structures. Find your path and a way to prioritise your wellbeing.


It takes time and experience to teach online, so this is a steep learning curve for many of us. Time is limited, so be realistic what you can achieve by the start of trimester 1. Students do not need or expect the latest technologies nor highly polished materials in order to have meaningful and connected learning experiences online.


Developing your Teaching and Support for Learning Online Moodle Community

Self enrol on this community site for staff to discuss and share online teaching practices and tools. DLTE also share webinar recordings and links to useful resources.


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