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Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender + (LGBT+) Staff Network


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The staff network enables LGBT+ colleagues to come together to share information, learn together, socialise and support each other. By signalling a LGBT+ presence on campus, we can ensure we maintain a comfortable and fully inclusive environment in which everyone can each reach their full potential without fear of discrimination. In the spirit of true inclusivity the network is also open to all staff who are supporters of LGBT+ and equality issues. The LGBT network:

  • Provides a forum for networking and a means of peer support between LGBT+ staff
  • Offers the opportunity for colleagues from all areas of the University to inform and collaborate on LGBT+ action
  • Communicates information and updates to colleagues interested in LGBT+ matters
  • Offers a range of training and development opportunities
  • Liaises with other groups, e.g., staff and student societies, to share information
    • Provides a forum for social interaction and support to the LGBT+ across the University community


    If you wish to know more about the network, or if you just want a friendly ear to talk to in confidence, please feel free to contact us using the confidential email address lgbt@napier.ac.uk