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 Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Training​ and Resources

Edinburgh Napier offers a range of e-learning and training resources for all staff to learn more about Equality, Diversity and Inclusion.

E-learning - Equality and Diversity - mandatory

The course introduces staff to the key features and provisions within equalities legislation, understand broader equality and diversity issues and to know their responsibilities and rights as a member of staff of the University.

The course can be accessed by going to AppsAnywhere and launching the Essential Skillz programme.

All staff are expected to complete the programme. For example, new staff complete the course as part of their induction programme and managers have a responsibility to ensure that their staff undertake the course as part of their development.​

Union Black

University students and staff in the UK still experience racial harassment and exclusion because of their race. 

Santander Universities in partnership with The Open University, have created Union Black: Britain's Black cultures and steps to anti-racism a free online education programme, presented by experts, designed to start conversations around Black cultures in the UK and explore anti-racism. The course explores Black cultures in Britain and provides learners with an understanding of Black British history, dispelling myths in order to inform, challenge and contribute to the anti-racism agenda.

Two courses are available:

  • ​​Introducing Union Black

This one-hour ‘introduction’ is designed to introduce learners to some of the concepts and learning experiences in the full ‘Union Black: Britain’s Black Cultures and steps to anti-racism’ course and help build confidence as a change agent for equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

  • ​Union Black: Britain’s Black Cultures and steps to anti-racism

Union Black aims to provide learners with an understanding of the origins and experience of Black British history and culture, and a critical appreciation of the concepts of intersectionality and race as a social construct.

Please follow the Registration Guide to access both courses

ENhancing Inclusion

The Department of Learning & Teaching has developped resources to support academic colleagues to deliver inclusive learning.

==> Access resources on the ENhancing Sharepoint site

Discover Learning

A platform offering a wide range of high-quality, practical, 'on demand' resources, designed to assist colleagues in tackling day-to-day challenges and to support your continuing development.

==> Access The Equality, Diversity & Inclusion channel on Discover Learning

If you require further information or support please email: staffdevelopment@napier.ac.uk​.