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​Interfaith Network


​The Interfaith Network recognises the diversity and richness of the faith communities and the contribution they make across the University. We respect and celebrate all faiths and encourage open dialogue about what we believe, so that everyone feels empowered to bring the whole of themselves to work and to enhance the understanding around the University of different faiths.

Email interfaithnetwork@napier.ac.uk to find out more and get involved.


The Interfaith Staff Network aims to be inclusive, provide a sense of belonging and to encourage co-operation and understanding different faiths and empower members to share and express their faith and beliefs in the workplace. The Network will also be a point of contact and information, along with the Chaplaincy, for the University on faith matters to increase understanding. The network if open to members of staff of all faiths and none.

The Interfaith Staff Network aims

- To provide a space that creates and promotes a sense of belonging for colleagues of different faiths and traditions, providing a respectful, safe and welcoming environment to congregate, express themselves on faith and interfaith matters

- To act as an umbrella and support for single faith groups to operate within the University, enabling members to make a positive contribution to colleagues and the workplace

- To complement the work of the University Chaplaincy, enabling honorary chaplains to engage with staff who have a faith

- To help promote understanding and valuing faith diversity across the University by creating an open, consultative, and co-operative environment


This group is open to all colleagues, whether they hold a belief or not.

The groups operates within the frameworks of the University, including the Dignity at Work Policy and Procedure that ensures Edinburgh Napier University is a positive, supportive and inclusive working environment free from harassment, discrimination, bullying and victimisation. All members of the network are expected to treat each other with dignity and respect at all times and discrimination - of any kind - will not be tolerated.

The staff network aspires to bring together colleagues of different faiths and none and facilitate mutual understanding. Sharing experiences relating to faith is encouraged and we ask staff members to be mindful of discussion issues that may cause upset to others. This staff network is not political and does not aim to provide a venue for political discussions relating to faith.

We recognise that matters of faith are highly personal and discussions and views shared within the staff network will be treated as such.

This staff network aims to provide a link and support the University's Chaplaincy Service, however it is not a mental health or counselling service. Colleagues can at all times access the University's Employee Assistance Programme to provide advice, information and assistance on emotional wellbeing, managing stress, anxiety and other issues. These resources, as well as all Mental Health support resources available at Napier, are available: Mental Health and Wellbeing Support.


To find out more about the Chaplaincy and to contact our volunteer chaplains, go to: Faith, Spirituality & Chaplaincy

Christian Prayer Group
There is a group for Christians to meet together and pray for the University, our students and each other. The group has a Teams Channel with information on meeting dates/prayer points etc. If you would like to be added to this Teams Channel, please email Sarah Sholl (s.sholl@napier.ac.uk) or Gail Handyside (g.handyside@napier.ac.uk​). If you would like to find out more about the group, please contact interfaithnetwork@napier.ac.uk.

The Christian group are also linked in with Transform Work who support Christian workplace groups. Further information can be found here: https://www.transformwork.net/​

Network Co-Leads
The Interfaith Network is led by​ Emma Johnston.