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​Guidelines on the use of Quiet Rooms


What are Quiet Rooms used for?

The University's Quiet Rooms are 'open access' rooms that individuals are welcome to use for a variety of purposes:

  • A place to go to 'get away from it all' where individuals can have some undisturbed time.
  • Religious observance for prayer as individuals or in small groups or for quiet contemplation.
  • Confidential space for staff Mental Health Champions to meet with a colleague (please note: only if there is not time to book a meeting space).​​

Who can use the Quiet Rooms?

As part of our commitment to inclusion at Edinburgh Napier University, the rooms are available for all of our staff and students to use for the reasons listed above.

You are requested not to leave any personal belongings in the rooms.

Where are the Quiet Rooms located? 

​Craiglockhart Campus​

The room is located in 4/32 and a shower room is available along the corridor at Room 4/01. These facilities are located on the 4th floor and are accessible by stairs or lift (the lift is located by the War Poet's Collection) 

Merchiston Campus​

The rooms are H12 and H13. A shower room with ablution facilities for all to use is located between floor G and floor H (currently marked H10). 

Sighthill Campus​

The room is located in 1.B.03 and ablution facilities are available along the same corridor in both the female (1.B.07) and male toilets (1.B.08).

Can I book a Quiet Room?

No, these rooms are available for anyone to use without the need to inform anyone. If you need a room for your group to meet, you should book meeting space via Resource Booker or go through the Conference & Lettings Team.

Each room door has a sliding “Vacant/In use" sign and when the room is “in use" this sign should be used and replaced to “vacant" when available. This should help to ensure that you are not interrupted when using the space.

Can I display materials in a Quiet Room?

You may if you wish display information or leave reading material for others to look at. All material should comply with the spirit of wellbeing and inclusion and be respectful of the University's commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.  This means that you must at all times respect the right of others to use the Quiet Rooms and not display any material that runs counter to the University's commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion.

We acknowledge the strong and genuine feelings and emotions that many students and colleagues have regarding conflicts occurring around the world.  However, this is a place for prayer and reflection for people of all faiths and none and as such is a neutral space and must not be used to display any materials that promote or condone the actions of any group or government. Materials that contravene this statement will be removed.

Quiet Rooms as Safe Spaces:

Our aim is to provide a safe and inclusive environment where individuals feel comfortable to pray, meditate, or to reflect quietly without fear of judgment.

Complaints, concerns or suggestions:

The Quiet Rooms are regularly checked to make sure they are being used in line with these guidelines and as inclusive spaces. If however you have a concern or a complaint or wish to provide suggestions to improve their use please contact chaplaincy@napier.ac.uk

Urgent Support

Students: If you need to speak to someone urgently contact Counselling & Mental Wellbeing by emailing counselling@napier.ac.uk during office hours. Please also visit My Napier for crisis and out of office support.

Staff: If you need to speak to someone urgently contact the People Team by emailing humanresources@napier.ac.uk during office hours and access MCL Medics outside work hours via the staff intranet.​

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