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Above & B​eyond 2022-23

Congratulations to our colleagues and teams who were recognised for their outstanding achievements at this year’s Above & Beyond ceremony.

On Wednesday 3 May, colleagues from across the University came together for a special evening to celebrate at our Craighlockhart campus. The night saw ten awards presented to those who made an outstanding contribution throughout the last year and colleagues who achieved HEA Fellowship, and those who reached 25years’ service were also celebrated.

This year, over 200 nominations​ were received with colleagues eager to share the success and inspirational stories of their peers. The high-quality nominations showed the great differences being made, not only across the University, but much further afield.  

So, without further ado, here are your 2023 Above and Beyond winners!

Ambitious – recognising exceptional determination to succeed to make a positive impact whilst aspiring to better themselves, the University, and our students.

Congratulations to Jesus Pena, Finance Assistant, Finance

Jesus AB-AmbitiousAward_001.jpg

Inclusive - recognising exceptional contribution to creating a sense of support, belonging and respect and dignity that includes everyone equally without restriction or discrimination.

Congratulations to Jon Mortimer, Associate Lecturer, SCEBE

Jon AB-InclusiveAward_002.jpg

Innovative – recognising exceptional originality in thinking about different or more effective ways of working to make a positive difference to the University.

Congratulations to Bernie Critchley, Career Development Consultant, Student Futures.


Leadership Excellence - recognise great leadership across the University.

Congratulations to Deborah Callister, Student Futures Placement Manager, Student Futures.


Learning & Teaching – recognising the significance of learning and teaching practice and shows appreciation for the contributions of an outstanding individual or team who have excelled in their commitment.

Congratulations to Carolyn Scott, Lecturer, School of Arts & Creative Industries. Carolyn was unable to attend the event.

Outstanding Student Experience - recognising outstanding student experience by exceeding students’ expectations.

Congratulations to Ellis Urquhart, Lecturer, The Business School


Partnership - recognising exceptionally strong partnerships with other individuals or teams either internally with staff and/or students or externally with industry, public services, or others.

Congratulations to The Business School European MSc Dual Degree team (Lecturers Pauline Gordon and Sybille Ratz).


Professional - recognising exceptional passion for working at the University and taking pride in how we are all perceived.

Congratulations to the Student Accommodation Team & Security Team (Lee Mangan, Dean Gilfillan, Fiona Anderson, Loredana Marian-Bowker, Erin Johnstone, Nika Srebrzynska and Michelle Whitelaw).


Research & Innovation – recognising exceptional research & innovation with economic, social, cultural, or other public benefit.

Congratulations to Kasi Siemienowicz, Specialist Lecturer, and Mick Rae, Professor (SAS).


University Enterprise - recognising outstanding and sustained contribution to the University's enterprise agenda.

Congratulations to Jane Ali-Knight, Professor, The Business School.


You can find out more about the winners and those shortlisted in the Above & Beyond brochure here. ​