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​​​​Mental Health Champion Network

Th​e University is committed to placing health and wellbeing at the heart of the experience of working at the University and to ensure that all members of staff are able to work in a supportive, health-promoting and caring environment, where they are valued and respected.   

What is a Mental Health Champion?

Mental Health Champions are a point of contact for an employee who is experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress, helping the person get appropriate help, and also provide early intervention for someone who may be developing a mental health issue. A Mental Health Champion is not expected to act as a counsellor or share their own experiences (if they are not comfortable doing so).

A Mental Health Champion also takes action to raise awareness of mental health problems amongst staff, challenges mental health stigma, and provides peer support to colleagues. 

What do Champions do?

A Mental Health Champion can be supportive in a number of ways:

  • Follow the SMHFA steps (ALGEE) if a person is in immediate crisis or life threatening situation
  • Understand and recognise the signs of mental health problems/conditions
  • If you see a colleague in (non-life threatening) distress, provide comfort to understand the situation
  • Signpost the person to the university support tools which also details external support tools
  • Provide a listening ear (sometimes that is all people want and need)
  • Raise awareness of mental health and make it part of normal conversation to help tackle stigma​ 

How does the Network operate?

The university promotes the Mental Health Champion Network through a number of channels:

  • Mental Health Champion Network list is on the staff intranet divided into Campus support
  • Mental Health Champion’s will promote they are a Champion by having the following signature on their email; I’m a Mental Health First Aider. You’re welcome to talk to me about anything.
  • During induction, staff will be informed about the mental health & wellbeing support available and this will include the Mental Health Champion Network​

If a colleague approaches a Mental Health Champion for support the Mental Health Champion should offer to meet them/speak with them in the most comfortable (workplace) environment for the colleague within core working hours.

Colleagues approaching a Mental Health Champion should be confident that the conversation is confidential. However, if the Champion has a serious concern for the colleague’s safety and wellbeing then the standard University Safeguarding Policy guidelines apply and the Champion can seek advice from HR.​

Network Mental Health Champion Campus List

Sighthill Campus


School/Professional Services area

Phone number


Claire Biggar

Principal’s Office

X 6401


Dr Georgios Andronikos

School of Applied Sciences


X 3427


Graham Short

Principal’s Office

X 6277


Sadie Kemp

School Applied Sciences



Dr James R Munro

School Applied Sciences

X 3472


Josephine Brown

School Applied Sciences



Mel Kinchant

Academic Skills

X 2261


Dr Amanda Pitkethly 

School Applied Sciences

X 3201


Liz Young

Health & Safety Team

X 6373


​Lori Marian-Bowker Property & Facilities X 6119​ L.Marian-Bowker@napier.ac.uk​​​


Craiglockhart Campus


School/Professional Services area

Phone number


Tori Spratt


The Business School

X 4440


Lesley McRobb

Information Services

X 2588



Merchiston Campus


School/Professional Services area

Phone number


Dr Suha Jaradat

School of Engineering & the Built Environment


X 2489


​John Barclay Property & Facilities​​ X 2591
Multi campus;
S/H-X 6119
C/L–X 4578​


Bainfield Student Accommodation


School/Professional Services area

Phone number


Lee Mangan


Property & Facilities


X 3713


Brydon Connolly

Property & Facilities 

X 3497


Fiona Anderson ​Property & Facilities X 2631​ f.anderson3@napier.ac.uk​​

For more information about the Mental Health Champion Network, please read the full description here​.