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​​Health at Work

You will find here more information about the support and the plans in place when colleagues feel unwell in the workplace.


Your work environment

It is important that your work environment is safe and fit for purpose and that you know how best to use the equipment available to you.


Specialist Ergonomic Equipment

Get more information if you are experiencing discomfort or pain at work.


Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance is widely used to help employers to control any health risks that their employees may be exposed to while they are at work


First Aid

First aid at work covers the arrangements in place to ensuire emergency medical care is provided to people at work.


Physical activity

With [EN]GAGE, Edinburgh Napier hosts a gym and classes at the Sighthill campus. Colleagues can help with advice if you're looking to optimise your fitness, stay health or try something new, there are plenty of classes and options