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Specialist Ergonomic Equipment


Specialist Ergonomic Equipment recommended through an Occupational Health report (workstation assessment)

If a member of staff advises that they are experiencing discomfort or pain at work they should initially undertake a Workstation Assessment through Essential Skillz. This is available on university computers and managed laptops through Apps Anywhere – Essential Skillz.  The package includes assessing sitting comfortably, your desk area, avoiding discomfort.​

If this does not resolve the issue, then the line manager in discussion with the staff member should complete a referral for our Occupational Health provider including all relevant details to enable them to arrange a workstation assessment and to provide advice and send it to humanresources@napier.ac.uk.  Following the workstation assessment, a report will be received and the HR Services team will send this to the line manager.  The report will highlight if equipment is recommended and what this would be.  As line manager you should then discuss the information in the report with your staff member and organise any relevant equipment.  Any furniture or equipment purchased incurs costs which are paid for by the relevant department, therefore before progressing with any purchasing, please ensure that this has the budget holder's approval.  
If Occupational Health recommends equipment such as an adjustable desk, mouse, screen, keyboard, document holder etc
The department can source these directly.  The report may include recommendations for equipment. 
If Occupational Health recommends an ergonomic chair
Occupational Health will provide measurements for the chair.  The line manager should liaise directly with Posturite or another supplier in relation to requirements and provide any relevant details directly to them to enable them to decide if an assessment is required prior to recommending a suitable chair.  If an assessment is required, once this takes place, the line manager will receive a detailed report including recommendations.  A copy should be passed on to HR Services (humanresources@napier.ac.uk) so that the report can be saved onto the individual’s employee file.  Posturite or the other supplier will try to make use of existing University equipment (for instance re-adjusting current chairs/equipment), however this may not always be possible.  If required, following receipt of the report a chair can be purchased and this will incur a cost which is paid for by the relevant School/Service.  Before progressing with any purchasing, please ensure that this has the budget holder's approval.  
Process for a Posturite Assessment:
·         Email your request to appointments@posturite.co.uk or telephone 0345 3450010
·         Complete the Posturite Assessment Referral form including
·         the address with post code, name, telephone number and email of person to be assessed
·         the line manager’s telephone number and email address (under requestor/contact/report return section on form).
·         details from the OH report including any measurements or advice provided.  Only relevant details should be provided to Posturite and not the entire OH report.
You can then order the Posturite chair following receipt of the report.
Setting up the Posturite chair when it arrives:
·         Email appointments@posturite.co.uk or telephone 0345 3450010
·         Provide the Purchase Order Number, Order Confirmation or Delivery Note attached to the box
·         Provide the address with post code, name, telephone number and email of person to be assessed
If you need a repair to a Posturite Chair:
·         Take photographs of damaged parts
·         Provide Information from Sticker under seat of chair
·         Email  this information to neilshave@posturite.co.uk
·         Parts get sent out to client.  Let Appointments know you have received the parts and Customer Service will organise a Technician to come on site for repair


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