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Occupational Health Services 
The University provides a supportive occupational health service through our external provider. 

OH provides the following services: 
Pre-employment Health Questionnaires 
OH email the University's pre-employment health questionnaire to all new employees on the same date as their contract of employment is issued. A review of the medical information of all new employees ensures that the University is meeting its obligations under health and safety and equality act legislation. It is important to ensure that prospective employees are not placed in situations where a pre-existing medical condition could be aggravated by their required work activities within their new role.

Online Management Referral Process
In line with the University's Attendance Management Policy and the University's duty of care to employees, Line Managers in consultation with HR may request that an employee is assessed by the University's Occupational Health Service, so that appropriate medical advice is sought. Employees may also request that their Line Manager initiates a referral for them, for instance: for a workplace assessment/DSE assessment/disability leave eligibility. Call us on extension 3344 or email humanresources@napier.ac.uk for further information. 
As per the University's Attendance Management Policy, triggers for line managers to consider a referral are: 3 instances of sickness absence in a 6 month period (any length), long-term absence (over 28 days, 1 spell of absence), and stress/depression cited for any absence (any length) and absences related to workplace accidents or injuries of 3 days or more.
Following an OH referral (completed by the line manager), OH will arrange an appointment with the employee and then send HR a report to be shared with the line manager, which could include advice about the following: fitness to work; restrictions on employment/reasonable adjustments; prognosis on returning to work; Equality Act information; likelihood of further absences; phased return recommendations; and any other relevant advice.
Following receipt of the report by the line manager, they should meet with the employee to discuss the content of the report and put in place any recommendations that can be accommodated. Advice can be sought from HR or the OH Helpdesk.  

OH Customer Service Helpdesk

The customer service desk is available from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (excluding Bank Holidays).


The customer service help desk can be contacted by HR staff to give assistance in; my OHportal, tracking cases, clarifying medical opinions, general health care advice and general pre-employment and pre-referral advice.
Staff can also contact OH via the telephone number or email address above if they have a question about questionnaire portal access/password reset or wish to confirm acceptance of an appointment with OH.

Health Surveillance
OH will conduct Health Surveillance checks in line with the University's Health Surveillance Policy​. Health surveillance is required when a risk assessment identifies a potential risk or risks of a work activity which pose a significant threat to the health of workers.
The starting point of any health surveillance is a risk assessment. Further advice can be given by Health & Safety. Once this has been completed all hazards and health hazards in the workplace should be identified. Once staff have been identified as requiring Health Surveillance through the School/Service/Institute/Risk Assessment Process, Occupational Health will conduct the appropriate tests. Employees may be called for assessment periodly depending on the requirements of their role.

Link to the University's Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provider – MCL Medics

There is a great deal of collaboration between the University's Occupational Health Service and the University’s Employee Assistance Programme Provider​, which is provided by MCL Medics. We encourage you to contact MCL Medics should you wish to discuss issues relating to: a personal or work matter; family, relationship; daily living or life event including issues related to health and wellbeing. Employees can contact MCL Medics 24/7 for free confidential assistance.

​Other Information

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