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Mental Wellbeing




The University considers mental health and wellbeing to be exceptionally important and has put a number of support mechanisms in place to support the wellbeing of staff and continues to look for initiatives to further develop this area.​


The main areas that the University seeks to have a positive impact on are as follows:

  • Stress in the workplace
  • Breaking down stigma of mental ill health including; 

               See Me Scotland              Mindful Employer

  • Promotion of Mental Health First Aid
  • Learning and Development initiatives on mental health for both staff and people managing staff


Further to this the University has an Employee Assistance Programme, provided by Workplace Options which all staff can use. We encourage any members of staff to contact Workplace Options should you wish to discuss matters related to personal or work matters; family & relationships; daily living or life events including matters related to mental health and wellness.


Access to Workplace Options is easy:


FREEPHONE: 0800 243 458

E-MAIL: assistance@workplaceoptions.com  

WEBSITE: www.workplaceoptions.com  

OUTSIDE THE UK: +44 (0)20 8987 6550

SMS (FOR CALL BACK): +44 (0)7909 341229

MINICOM: +44 (0)20 8987 6574


Big White Wall

Edinburgh Napier staff and students going through a tough time or struggling with mental health and wellbeing issues can now get free online support with Big White Wall.
Big White Wall is designed to help people get support, take control and feel better. It provides 24/7 peer-to-peer and professional support from experienced clinicians who are online at all times, plus a range of courses and tools to help people self-manage their wellbeing. This service is safe, anonymous and free to staff at Edinburgh Napier.
You can get things off your chest, express yourself creatively, and access a library of self-care resources, including clinical tests, tips and guided group courses with topics ranging from Managing Stress & Anxiety to Quitting Smoking. Big White Wall can also help you with adopting useful coping strategies and behaviours to improve your experience at work.

Big White Wall is completely anonymous, so no one needs to know you are using the service unless you tell them. And while staff and students can use the platform, along with many other external users of the Big White Wall, the service is fully confidential as you create an anonymous user ID which is not connected to your email address.  

93% of Big White Wall members reported feeling better after sharing on Big White Wall.
If you would like support, simply go to bigwhitewall.com​ and sign up under ‘organisation’ with your staff e-mail address.​