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Your Work Environment


It is important that your work environment is safe and fit for purpose and that you know how best to use the equipment available to you. This page contains information regarding the University online work station assessment tool (Essential Skillz) as well as details regarding general risk assessment in the workplace. The eLearning Workstation package can be accessed on the university network through Apps Anywhere/Essential Skillz.


There are 3 Health and Safety online assessment packages available on University computers which all staff should complete.  These are:

  • Workstation (annually)
  • Fire Safety (every two years)
  • Health & Safety Induction

Further information on the Health and Safety eLearning packages is available on their website 

Furniture / Work station requirements                   


The office furniture within the work environment should be suitable to your needs, including your chair, display equipment etc.  You are able to adjust your chair in line with the outcomes or suggestions from Cardinus in line with your personal needs.  However, if the online Workstation assessment identifies that the adjustments are insufficient, or if you have individual circumstances that require a more detailed investigation into the furniture at your workstation, this will be undertaken with input from both the Occupational Health Service Provider and our Ergonmic Furniture Provider, Posturite, as the circumstances require.  Further details regarding this process can be seen on the Specialist Ergonomic Equipment page.



New and Expectant mothers 


Your welbeing during your pregnancy and upon return to work is very important, and working closely with your line manager and Occupational Health will ensure that you have the most practicable working environment during these times.  When you are ready to advise your manager that you are pregnant, your line manager will discuss a referral to Occupational Health with you.  The referral should be actioned, through the Human Resources Team, within 5 working days of you notifying your line manager.  This is to enable Occupational Health to undertake a workplace assessment - and they would then advise your manager and yourself of any adjustments that may be required.  This appointment would also highlight if there were any concerns either regarding the nature of your role or workplace, or indeed in respect of your health - and should more detail or investigation be required, this would be discussed with you and arranged as appropriate.


A review may be undertaken during your pregnancy, especially if your condition changes or any risks are detected within your work area, and once again upon your return to work after your maternity leave, a final telephone appointment will be arranged.


Further guidance in regard to your specific work environment requirements is available on the HSE website.  You are also welcome to speak to your HR Client Partner should you have any questions.


Further information on your work environment can be found on the Health & Saf​ety intranet pages.


Documents of interest


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