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Mid-Year Review

This is a checkpoint to make sure you are on track to achieve your performance and personal development objectives. Mid-Year Review meetings are normally held halfway through the academic year, in either January or February.

The importance of Mid-Year conversations

·        Having a Mid-Year conversation allows us to keep ourselves aligned with key priorities. Things can change over a period of 6 months, and reflecting whether objectives are already completed, still relevant, as important, or need to be amended is critical. This will then help you to continue to work on the right priorities

·       It also is an opportunity for team members to express what is and isn’t working, and what kind of support is required for the next few months to make sure that objectives are met

·      End of Year conversations are only a couple of months away and holding effective Mid-Year conversations will ultimately allow for more effective End of Year conversations

Preparing for your Mid-Year Review

•       Identify what was easy and challenging so far, and double check priorities as these might have changed

•       Revisit and update your performance and personal development objectives

Prepare a short progress update on each objective you have worked on

Schedule time with your line manager to have your Mid-Year conversation

​Using the Online Form for Mid-Year Conversations

This short video​​​​ explains how you can add a progress update to individual objectives.

If you prefer, we have also created simple step by step guide to show you how to add a progress update

How to add objectives in the system​

For further support, training and guidance on Mid-Year Reviews and the My Contribution process, please visit our My Contribution Sup​port Guidance and Training Page​.​