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Support, Guidance and Training

On this page you’ll find additional information to help answer any My Contribution questions you may have.

My Contribution guidelines

The My Contribution Guidelines​​ provide clarity on the process, with guidance on topics such as:

·         Changing roles during the annual cycle

·         having more than one manager

·         eligibility to complete the process, for example, fixed term or permanent staff


My Contribution Training

If you are new to the My Contribution process, we offer 3 workshops which can support you in getting comfortable in effectively completing the My Contribution activities throughout the year.

These (virtual) workshops are:

·       My Contribution Objective Setting and Self-Assessment (2 hours)

Help colleagues create effective annual performance objectives aligned to department plans and support colleagues to evidence and evaluate own performance


·        Planning your Personal Development (90 min)

Support colleagues in writing effective career and personal development objectives


·        My Contribution for People Managers (2 hours)

Help People Managers apply the My Contribution framework and use it with their direct reports to achieve their individual, team and department objectives


To book onto a workshop or find out more, visit the Learning & Development events page.

We’re working towards offering all three My Contribution workshops as recordings so you can watch at a time that’s convenient for you. The first of these, ‘My Contribution for People Managers’, can be found here.​ The second, the ‘My Contribution objective setting and self-assessment’ workshop recording, can be found here.

My Contribution system videos and system step-by-step

We’ve created short ​support videos to show you how to: 

 Add objectives

 Create progress updates to objectives  

 How to find and print previously completed performance review forms

• How to save and print objectives​

If you prefer, we have also created simple step by step guides to show you how to complete the system activities:

 How to add objectives in the system

 Create progress updates to objectives ​ 

 How to find and print previously completed performance review forms

• How to save (PDF) and print objectives​​

If you are a line manager, these support videos show you how to:


If you prefer guide, we have the following system guide available:

How to get  PDF of your team member’s current objectives​

To help with the End of Year activities, we have created:


System guides:

·         How to add a progress update and rating to each objective

·         How to complete the End of Year

·         How to complete the End of Year as a Line Manager

Short, 2-minute support videos:

·         How to add a progress update and rating to each objective.

·         How to complete the End of Year Review form

·         How to complete the Manager Assessment End of Year Review form​

Need additional support?​

If you have further issues with the HR Connect system, raise a ticket at Unidesk on the staff intranet homepage.

Contact HR Services if you need any clarification on what to do next or understanding how to use the forms online.