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Update from Business Improvement Team​​

Moving to a Distributed Model

Business Improvement logoOver the last few weeks so much has changed, yet so much has stayed the same. Our Business Improvement service is now working on a distributed model, offering the same service to build upon the University's already great work.

We offer an external perspective which has been well honed through numerous engagements to support improvements for individuals and groups.

This takes the shape of:

  1. Coaching (and training)
  2. Facilitation (including process improvement facilitation)
  3. Advice on facilitation for online activities

We aim to support, as much as possible and appropriate:

  1. Sustained productivity
  2. Increased effectiveness and efficiency
  3. Returning to "usual" with better working practices based on current learning


To find out more email Steve Yorkstone 

And check out this Bones article about the service: How can Business Improvement Help You