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​The IS Induction Moodle Module – 

Continuous Improvement Driven by Feedback - August 2019

You’re probably aware that all new students are prompted to work through an “Introduction to Computer and Library Services” Moodle module (also known as the IS Induction) as part of their Matriculation process.  What you may not be aware is the extent to which this is reviewed, updated and analysed on a biannual basis. 

That’s where we, the IS Student Induction Working Group - Joyce, Isabell and Helen, come in!

IS Induction Moodle Module Homepage 

After students have worked through the IS Induction Moodle module (for each of the September and January intakes) they are invited to complete a Novi Survey which provides us with a wealth of valuable feedback – it tells us what students found helpful, but also what could be improved upon. 

We then meet to review the feedback and identify areas for improvement, resulting in a (usually fairly lengthy) list of actions.  This ensures that updates to the Moodle module are driven by our students, as well as the system upgrades and service changes which occur regularly. 

We’ve also taken steps to make it more interesting over the years – we have a lot to tell our new students, so it’s a constant battle to keep the content condensed as well as engaging. 

To help us with our review for the September 2019 intake, we’ve attended a number of useful and thought-provoking events:

  • Getting interactive with H5P – delivered by the IS Learning Technologists
  • Designing an Inclusive Induction workshop – hosted by the University’s Student Wellbeing and Inclusion team
  • Student-Generated Induction Workshop: A Social Identity Approach - hosted in York by Shared Thinking
  • The University’s UX Network review of the existing IS Induction

So equipped with lots of valuable feedback, information and ideas we’ve made a number of updates for the September intake and have more exciting enhancements planned for the future.

What we’ve done:

  • Updated the links, images and infographics to ensure they’re all accessible
  • Reformatted the structure and navigation to improve user experience
  • Reviewed and updated our existing audio podcasts and videos
  • Checked all our online materials for accuracy and consistency
  • Arranged for a tile to be added to iNapier to link to the Moodle module at the start of trimester 1. 

What’s coming soon: 

  • More interactivity such as quizzes, using H5P 
  • More videos, with captions and talking heads – for engagement and interactivity

So lots more planned – watch this space. 

In August / September 2018, 2,419 students worked through the IS Induction Moodle, and 225 provided us with valuable feedback. 

For 2019, the new students will be working through the Induction Moodle module from Monday 19th August. We will again be asking the students for feedback and in October the analysis and review process will start again for the January intake. 

You can check out the improved IS Induction Moodle module via Moodle Train:  https://moodletrain.napier.ac.uk/course/view.php?id=1175 (click Enrol Me to view the module).

For further information about the IS Student Induction please contact Joyce, Isabell or Helen​.