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Consent / Disclosure Forms


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Permission to Disclose Personal Data

The Data Protection Legislation allows the University to share a subject's personal data with other areas of the University and third parties, where the subject has given their consent (Please note: consent is not the only legal basis that can be used).  This form should be used to ensure that there is a written record of the subject's informed consent which is then to be retained as specified on the form.  Further guidance on data sharing is available in Section 8 of the Code of Practice and on the Data Sharing documents page.


Download the form for Permission to Disclose Personal Data​



Permission to Disclose Sensitive Personal Data

The requirements for processing sensitive personal data, such as information relating to racial or ethnic origin, health issues or criminal convictions, are more stringent and such data may only be disclosed with the express written consent of the subject. This template consent form should be used when such a disclosure is proposed.


Download the form for Permission to Disclose Sensitive Personal Data



Consent form for student projects, reports and dissertations (except PhDs)

As the University likes to provide exemplars of good work for the benefit of future students, consent to do this must be sought from the relevant students, using this consent form


Other considerations in making student work available are:

  • Can you completely anonymise the work? Students could still be identified from their work even if e.g. their names or other identifiers were removed. Would any of the work have been generated e.g. whilst a student was on placement? If so, is any of this confidential to  the placement provider and/or are they aware of the purposes for which the student’s work would be used?
  • The consent form refers to a retention period for the piece of work and therefore you should put measures in place to ensure you can comply with this

You should also think about:

  • Whether any of the work concerns or refers to other living identifiable individuals for which there would be third party data implications
  • How you make future students aware of copyright/plagiarism issues, including the University’s use of Turnitin for text matching purposes
  • How you would intend to make the exemplars available