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Processing Data for Research Purposes

Further guidance on the use of personal data in research is available in Section 6 of the Data Protection Code of Practice.

Sports Science ResearcherData Protection: Researchers' Guidance

Respect for confidentiality is essential to maintain trust between the public and those engaged in research.  All researchers intending to use personal data must comply with the requirements of data protection legislation, the University's Data Protection Code of Practice and any associated guidance. This guidance covers the data protection issues researchers should take into account and the actions to take to be compliant.


Research and Data Protection guidance

Privacy Notice Template

Researcher's Checklist for complying with Data Protection legislation


 Undergraduate Research Dissertations


 Undergraduate Dissertation Data Protection Research Guide


Below are some example templates which can be used by Undergraduate researchers processing participant personal data. All studies need an ethics form, participant information sheet, privacy notice and consent form - it is up to the individual and their supervisor which template option is used dependent on the research study:

1)UG Dissertation Research Integrity form

2)UG Dissertation Research Combination Participant Information, Consent and Privacy Notice Form

3)UG Dissertation Participant Information and Privacy Notice

4)UG Dissertation Example Consent Form1

5)UG Dissertation Example Consent Form2


Further guidance is available from JISC https://www.jisc.ac.uk/guides/research-data-management 


The European Commission's guidance on Ethics and Data Protection is available here: http://ec.europa.eu/research/participants/data/ref/h2020/grants_manual/hi/ethics/h2020_hi_ethics-data-protection_en.pdf


Oath of Confidentiality for Research Students

All students conducting research at Edinburgh Napier University which involves processing personal data must be given a copy of the University's data protection leaflet, and sign an oath of confidentiality in relation to personal data to which they will have access in the course of their studies.  This form should be retained by the area in which the research is being conducted for the period end of studies with the University plus 6 years.


Download the Oath of Confidentiality Form for Research Students


Combined Oath of Confidentiality, Privacy Notice and Data Protection Compliance Checklist




Page updated 02 September 2019