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Student AdviceImage of students in discussion

Further guidance on student advice is available in the Data Protection Code of Practice: Section 14.2 - Counselling Service for Students and Section 15 - Student Advice.

Counselling Services - Confidentiality & Data Protection

This leaflet provides guidance information on the confidentiality and data protection issues related to the Student Counselling Service.  For more information on the Counselling Service please see the Wellbeing and Support pages on MyNapier. 


  Download the Student Counselling Service Guidance on Confidentiality and Data Protection



Data Protection Factsheet for Students

This is an at-a-glance guide to some key Data Protection issues for every student, with 5 Things You Should Know and Top Tips from the UK Information Commissioner.


  Download the Data Protection Factsheet for Students


Personal Data Processed by Students


When students process personal data on University provided services for the purposes of maintaining their personal lives, e.g. communicating with family and friends, maintaining address lists, databases, pursuing their course of study with the University, including writing assignments, assessments, essays, reports, dissertations or theses, they do so for their personal purposes - the University is not the Data Controller for any data, personal or otherwise, as the student is not an employee or agent of the University and neither do they act on behalf of the University. Students are working on behalf of themselves, not the University.


Once the students' work is submitted to the University for assessment, the University becomes the Data Controller for that work, as provided.


Where students are working on a research project led by the University, where the University decides the remit of the project and therefore the purposes of processing, then the University is the Data Controller and all researchers on the project are required to comply with the requirements for research and researchers​.