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Internet, Online and Web 2.0 Services


Further guidance on the data protection issues relating to the internet, online and Web 2.0 services is available in

Section 9 of the Data Protection Code of Practice.

Guidance for Staff

Web 2.0 Services such as wikis, blogs and social networking sites provide staff and students with valuable educational opportunities to create and share content and work online together. However, staff must be aware of the important legal and other implications that arise if they plan to use Web 2.0 services as part of module activities and communicate these effectively Image of computer and userto students and other users. This guidance aims to assist staff in making the most of Web 2.0 Services and other externally hosted services for learning, teaching and assessment purposes.


Download Web 2.0 Services and Other Externally Hosted Services - Guidance for Staff in Learning and Teaching​  

Guidance for Students

This guidance is intended to make students aware of the relevant legal issues involved with the internet, Web 2.0 and other externally hosted services (e.g. Facebook, Twitter) and to encourage students to use these services in a safe, responsible and acceptable manner. It also offers guidance on how to protect themselves from electronic abuse or harassment by fellow students or others.


 Download Internet, Web 2.0 and Externally Hosted Services - Guidance for Students: How to be Webwise.