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Sighthill CampusRegister of Interests


Any member of the Court who has a pecuniary, family or other personal interest in a matter discussed at a Court or committee meeting they attend, should disclose the facts of the interest to the meeting as soon as practicable. Family may normally be taken to include parent, sibling, spouse, partner, child, dependant, including step-relationships and those established by marriage or civil partnerships.


Members are expected to declare their interest in any item of business considered by the Court or its Sub-Committees before the item is discussed and any declaration is recorded in the minutes of the meeting of the Court or its Sub-Committees. The Chairman of Court or its Sub-Committees will then rule on the appropriate behaviour expected. This will depend upon the particular circumstances of the item of business. The options open to the Chairman are:
a) allow the member to remain, speak and vote on the item
b) permit the member to remain but not to speak or vote on the item
c) request the member leave the meeting for the duration of the item


Members of Court are not considered to have a pecuniary interest in matters under discussion merely because they are a member of staff or a student of the institution. Nor does the restriction of involvement in matters of direct personal or pecuniary interest prevent members of the Court from considering and voting on proposals to insure the Court against liabilities which it might incur. The Secretary keeps a publicly available Register of Interests of members of the Court. All members of Court should ensure that the information contained about them in the Register is complete and up to date.
The Secretary will invite each member to review and revise the information contained about them in the Register at least once every year but any significant changes in your interests which occur during the Academic Session must be notified immediately to the Secretary.


Member of Court must disclose any pecuniary or other material interest which might conflict with any business coming before the Court or its Sub-Committees. This Code of Practice is necessary to ensure the highest standards of probity are observed by the University in the conduct of its business.


The Register of Interests for Members of the University Court is available for download here​​​.


Last updated 13 December 2023