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Staff Elections to University Court

Member of University Court drawn from and elected by the Academic and Reseach Staff


Nominations are now open for the post of the member of University Court elected by and from the academic and research staff of the University.
If you wish to stand for this position, please complete the nomination form and return it by 2.00pm on Friday 6th October 2023.  As Governance Services are still mostly working remotely, please do not submit a paper version of this form.  Please submit by email to court@napier.ac.uk, and copy the message to your proposer and seconder, as that will be considered their digital signature for the purposes of this process.
Please also note the election regulations.
You are eligible to stand for election, or to nominate or second someone else, if you are employed under a permanent or fixed-term academic or research contract (either full-time, part-time or zero hours).
There will be an election contest if more than one candidate for the post comes forward by close of nominations.  In the event of an election contest, candidates will be invited to supply a supporting statement outlining why voters should choose them to serve on University Court.  Guidance on candidate statements is available here​.
Where an election is required, it is planned for eligible members of staff to vote online between 4th and 11th October.
The successful candidate will serve on Court for a four-year term, commencing following their election.

You can read more about University Court and what membership entails here.

Please contact the returning officer, Mark Mackay in Governance Services with any queries.




Page last updated 12 September 2022