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Staff Observers at Court

Meeting collage 

Opportunities are available for a limited number of places for staff who would like to observe a meeting of the University Court as part of their professional development.


Up to two places will be available for each meeting where the Chairman decides that business is not confidential. Staff will normally have the opportunity to attend on a first come, first served basis - but if there are more expressions of interest than places available, the Clerk will hold a waiting list each academic year. The final decision on observing Court will be based on how relevant the development opportunity would be to the staff member and to the University.


Meeting dates

There are four meetings of Court per year, usually in October, December, March and June.  Dates of forthcoming meetings of Court  are listed in the University Calendar of Meetings. All meetings commence at 3.45pm.


How to apply

Interested staff should discuss with their line manager how this opportunity would be of benefit - ideally through the Professional Development Review process, or as a separate discussion if their development plan has already been finalised.

Staff interested in observing Court should email David Cloy, Clerk to the University Court, setting out what they think the development benefits will be and confirming their line manager's support.


Further information is a available in the  policy and procedure for observing Court.