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University Pension Schemes

The University administers 2 pension schemes: Lothian Pension Fund for Research, Technical and Support Staff; and the Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme for Academic Staff. For new members both of these are CARE schemes (Career Average Revalued Earnings).

The CARE scheme is similar to a Defined Benefit Pension Scheme, however it differs in the way your 'pensionable earnings' are calculated - this is based on your 'average earnings' over the course of your active membership in the scheme.


Lothian Pension Fund

Contact details - Telephone - 0131 529 4638; e-mail - pensions@lpf.org.uk; by mail - Lothian Pension Fund, PO Box 24158, Edinburgh, EH3 1GY

Research, Technical and Support employees who are on contracts of more than 3 months automatically join the scheme. Employees on a shorter contract which is then extended to longer than 3 months will have the opportunity to back-date their contributions to their start date with the University.


Should you wish to opt out from the scheme, please complete the opt out form available from the LPF website​ and forward to payroll@napier.ac.uk.  If you do decide to opt-out of the LPF scheme, but later change your mind, you may apply to join at any time during your employment by emailing Payroll.


Edinburgh Napier University has discretion over some pension regulations, information regarding this can be found in the Discretions Policy.​


Key Facts about Lothian Pension Fund

Employees contribution = Between 5.5 and 11.2% dependant on salary. See here ​​for current rates

Employers contribution = 20.8%

Retirement Age = optional from 55 years, however you must take your benefits by 75 years ​​

Increasing your pension = Buying extra pensions i.e. Additional Pension Contributions (APCs) or paying Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs)

For more information please visit the Lothian Pens​ion Fund​ . 

Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme

Contact details: telephone - 01896 893 000; e-mail - sppacontactus@gov.scot; by mail - SPPA, 7 Tweedside Park, Galashiels, TD1 3TE.

All academic employees whether on permanent or temporary contracts automatically join the scheme. 

Should you wish to opt out from the scheme, please complete an opt out form available from the SPPA website and send to Payroll. If you do decide to opt-out of the STPS scheme, but later change your mind, you may apply to join at any time during your employment by emailing Payroll


Key Facts About the Scottish Teachers' Pension Scheme 2015

Employees contribution = Between 7.2 and 11.9% dependant on salary. See SPPA website​ for current rates

Employers contribution = 23%
Retirement Age = from age 60 
Premature Retirement (e.g. redundancy, efficiency exercise) = from age 50-59, actuarial reduction applies. This is at the employer's discretion.
Retirement Benefits = see website.
Increased Benefits = Additional Pensions (AP), Additional Voluntary Contributions (AVCs), Free-Standing Additional Voluntary Contributions (FSAVCs).  See more information here​.


For more information please visit the SPPA Website.

Existing Academic Staff – Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme (STSS)

This scheme closed to new members in April 2015 with existing members either remaining in the scheme of transition to the Scottish Teachers Pension Scheme.    Some of our academic staff have retained membership of this scheme, if you are a member, you can find further information about the scheme benefits at:   https://pensions.gov.scot/teachers/about-teachers-pensions/scottish-teachers-superannuation-scheme

Pay in Lieu of Pension Policy

Pension benefits earned by individuals in the UK, which qualify to receive tax relief, are restricted to maximum allowances permitted by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).   Changes to pension taxation have meant that pension benefits earned in a single year or over a working lifetime that exceed the Annual Allowance or Lifetime allowance can lead to excess tax charges.  While we are under no legal obligation to offer and in no way seek to incentivise pension opt out due to personal tax liabilities, we recognise that limits placed on these allowances are such that it may suit employees (from a personal tax liability perspective) to cease the build-up of further pensionable service, or other accrual of benefits due to taxation relating to their pension.      This Policy applies to both our pension schemes, Lothian Pension Fund and the Scottish Teachers Superannuation Scheme, however is only available to those who have reached the Lifetime allowance set by HMRC. Pay in lieu of pension contributions is not available for those who chose not to go into the pension for any other reasons

Further information is available in the Pay in lieu of Pension Policy​.