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​Manager Online Claiming Guidance


HR Connect is the University's integrated People, Payroll and Recruitment system.

As a mana​ger you will have access to your direct reports via HR Connect People Manager​ *. This is where you manage your team’s requests for annual leave, review and approve any online claims for payments, along with maintaining My Contribution information. You can also run management information reports for example on sickness or outstanding holiday balances. People Mananger Overview​ is available to help navigate HR Connect People Manager.

Your colleagues who claim online 


Colleagues engaged on a guaranteed or zero hours contract must claim for hours worked through

​HR Connect Self-Service​. Colleagues who have contracted hours, but have approval to work above these, must also claim through HR Connect Self-Service​.​

Casual workers cannot claim online. Guidance on how a Casual worker can claim is available here.


Manager Online Claim Approval

Once your direct report has undertaken work and submitted their online claim to approve this. 

Log into HR Connect Pe​ople Manager  to review the details of the claim.  You must ensure it is accurate and matches with the work and hours you requested.

If you ​are comfortable that all details such as dates, hours and cost centre are accurate then you can approve the claim by selecting authorised from the dropdown list.  After the cut-off date an audit report will be sent to the Dean/Director of your School for further approval.  If there are any issues identified this may result in a delayed payment.  


If there is an error on the claim then select not authorised from the dropdown list and add the reason for the rejection.  This will generate an email to the claimant advising them that the claim has been rejected and why.  They must then correct the claim and re-submit. ​

Please see our HR Connect – Online Payment Claim – Manager's Guide here for full details


Process reminders:​

  • Ensure that all claims are submitted in a timely manner, usually a month in arrears of the work being undertaken. Claims exceeding 90 days will be rejected on the online system
  • The correct claim template for their contract has been used
  • All dates and times entered are accurate. Times are recorded using the 24-hours clock  i.e 1pm is recorded as 13:00
  • The correct format is entered for the cost centre and the correct cost centre is used. This must be in an 8 digit format e.g. D9999-00 or prefixing a 7 digit code with an x e.g. xD999-00  
  • For any work that exceeds 6 hours ensure at least a 30-minute unpaid break is taken and this is clearly outlined on the claim. 
  • Prior to approving the claim, ensure all information and the total hours they are claiming for are accurate.
  • All claims must be authorised by the 10th of the month, or it will be paid in the following months payroll. An audit report showing all​ claims being paid in this period will be sent to your Dean/ Director for further approval. ​
  • If a claim is not accurate you must reject the claim and confirm to the individual the reason for this.
  • If you are going on Leave for a period time, please redirect your tasks within HR Connect to your line manager, so that all claims can be approved by the cut of date of the 10th of the month.

Further information on HR Connect is available in the format of short videos and PDF guides here.

If you have any questions or require support with authorising claims Online via HR Connect People Manger, please contact us on payroll@napier.ac.uk


 * If you cannot access HR Connect People Manager please complete the online People Manager Access Request form.