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​​​​​HR Connect - Online Claiming Guidance ​

HR Connect is the University's integrated People, Payroll and Recruitment system. ​All contracted colleagues will have access to HR Connect Self-Service. ​


If you are engaged on a Guaranteed or Zero hours contract then you are required to claim for all hours worked online via HR Connect Self-Service. If you have contracted hours, but have approval to work above these, then you must also claim these hours through HR Connect Self-Service. ​


Guidance on how to claim if you are a Casual worker can be found h​ere


Accessing HR Connect   


If you have not been allocated a university managed laptop and you are working off campus you will initially need to set yourself up with the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) to access HR Connect. Details of how to access this can be located here.  


If you have any issues with VDS please contact our Information Services colleagues on 0131 455 3000 or email them on isservicedesk@napier.ac.uk.    


Once you have gained access to Edinburgh Napier's networks, you can then access HR Connect Self- Service.  


Claiming Online 


Please see our HR Connect - Self-​Service user guide for Online Payment Claims here. ​

It is essential that when you are submitting your online claim that this is accurate. We have outlined some process reminders to support you with this. 

Process reminders*: 

  • All claims must be submitted in a timely manner, usually a month in arrears of the work being undertaken. Claims exceeding 90 days will be rejected on the online system. 
  • Use the correct online claim form for your contract 
  • All dates and times entered must be accurate. Times must be recorded using the 24-hours clock. i.e 1pm is recorded as 13:00 
  • Ensure the correct cost centre and the correct cost centre format is used This must be in an 8 digit format e.g. D9999-00 or prefixing a 7 digit code with an x e.g. xD999-00. Your manager should advise you what this is.  
  • Any work that exceeds 6 hours, you must take at least a 30-minute unpaid break, and this must be​ clearly out​lined in your claim. 
  • Prior to submitting your claim, you ensure all information and the total hours you are claiming for each day are accurate.   
  • Submit your online claim to your manager in advance of the cut-off date, which is the 10th of the month (except in December which is earlier) , to ensure your manager has time to review and approve the claim by the cut off date, for​ payment to be paid within that month. 
  • All payments approved after the 10th of the month will be paid in the following months payroll. 


*Please see the self-service user guide​ mentioned above for full guidance. 

If you have any questions or require support in claiming Online via HR Connect Self-Service please contact us on payroll@napier.ac.uk