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Once your advert has closed, your Talent Acquisition Consultant will provide you with a list of applicants via SharePoint.


You will be responsible for completing the shortlisting and feedback for all applicants via the Shortlisting Matrix spreadsheet however your T&R Consultant will populate the sheet with the candidate names and whether they meet the basic essential requirements for the role or not.


Each application will be arranged in sub-folders that you can access and you will be required to complete the Shortlisting Matrix with a decision on whether you would like to “progress", “regret" or put the candidate “on hold", as well as provide justification as to why you have come to your decision.


Shortlisting must be conducted by a minimum of 2 individuals, independently, to ensure a fair approach has been given.


Please be aware that we do not provide candidates with detailed feedback at the application stage as standard however if you have an internal vacancy then you may want to consider providing feedback to applicants directly if appropriate (eg: if one of the applicants is a current member of your team).



Disability Confident 

Edinburgh Napier University is committed to ensuring that our recruitment process and experience is welcoming and inclusive to all potential applicants. As a member of the Disability Confident scheme, we aim to have a fully inclusive and accessible recruitment process, making every reasonable effort to provide or arrange necessary support and adaptations for those who need it.


We are able to offer and accept a manual application form (instead of online) if that is required to aid the application process, and we are able to accept only a CV for some roles too.


If applicants wish to identify with the Disability Confident Scheme, they can request reasonable adjustments during the interview process, for example: 

  • Ensuring we have full accessible interview spaces
  • Changing the lighting or room layout as necessary
  • Offering an alternative to a standard interview, for example a working interview or allowing extra time 
  • Allowing applicants to complete a written test using a computer


We can also discuss the option of sharing of interview questions/topics with candidates prior to interview, as research has shown that this practise can be more inclusive, as well as leading to more thoughtful answers from candidates, although further consideration should be given to the appropriateness of this exercise for each vacancy.

If any applicants have a particular request or requirement during any stage of the recruitment process, please get in touch by emailing – recruitment@napier.ac.uk.