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​​New Starter ​Process

Prior to your new employee's first day, the People Team will arrange the following:


  • IT Access - this is only for IT logins, which will be emailed to the line manager ahead of them starting
  • Occupational Health Questionnaire – a confidential report however any reasonable adjustments required to facilitate the employee's well being while at work will be communicated to you
  • Communication to your School Support Manager – For Academic Appointments; new employee details and start date


As a line manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that you remain in contact with your new team member and ensure that they feel welcomed in the run up to them joining the University.


To allow people work from home, you will need to arrange for a managed laptop, headset, webcam, standard monitor, laptop riser, keyboard and mouse to be assigned to them.


This should be arranged through Information Services and you will need to support your new employee in collecting any relevant equipment from them on campus on their first day of employment.


In exceptional circumstances it may be possible to provide equipment that is non-standard issue. Please refer to the End User Device Policy for examples of such equipment.


As mentioned, we would recommend that you keep in touch with your new team member ahead of their start date.


You should arrange for them to be placed on the next available induction course asap by liaising with the Talent Development Team.


You may also want to consider inviting your new employee in for an informal coffee or to meet the team to ensure they feel welcome prior to starting.


If you have any questions or queries regarding the new starter process or recruitment in general, please contact us on 0131 455 5600 or email recruitment@napier.ac.uk.