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​Advertising your Vacancy 

Once you have had your briefing meeting with your Talent Acquisition Consultant, they will compile a job advertisement using appropriate tone and language in line with current recruitment standards and trends.


This will be done in collaboration with you and there will be the opportunity to provide and include any important/discipline specific information that is crucial to attracting the correct candidates.


You will also be given full review of the advertisement prior to going live so that any pertinent changes can be made

Our standard advertising strategy is web-based. You will have the choice to advertise your role internally, externally or both. Your role will be advertised for a minimum of 2 weeks or 28 days.


Vacancies can be placed on a range of platforms by your Talent Acquisition Consultant at no cost to your department / school as highlighted below.   Please note that specialist job boards can also be recommended by your TA Consultant however any job board or publication out with the list below may incur a cost, which will be charged back to your school/department.


List of standard job boards:


  • Edinburgh Napier University Website – Our University's external careers website.
  • Jobs.ac.uk – A specialist job site for careers in academic, research, science and related professions.
  • Times Higher Education - Higher education's global job board with options for Featured ads and employer spotlight
  • Total Jobs - The UK's largest hiring platform covering all sectors. Total Jobs own a number of specialist job boards which your vacancy will automatically be posted on and benefit from the wide reach that the platform has.​​
  • Find a job – The DWP Jobsearch service. Roles can be placed on this website at your discretion
  • Career Transition Partnership – A specialist jobsite for the Armed Forces Resettlement. Professional services roles can be placed here.


Skilled Worker Visa Sponsorship of International Applicants.


​At the point of advertising, we need to conduct an assessment to see if your role should be opened for sponsorship of international applicants.  

Each eligible job role is given its own 4-digit Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code taken from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) as common classification of occupational information for the UK.


SOC codes are used to identify the relevant going rate and salary threshold for each job and provide details such as example job titles associated with that specific occupation code.


Your Talent Acquisition Consultant will conduct a SOC Assessment to determine whether your role should be opened for sponsorship or not.


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