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As part of our aim to avoid and minimise redundancies, we will redeploy employees to suitable alternative roles wherever possible. We will provide all reasonable support to employees at risk and ideally identify other opportunities within the University. 

To be eligible for consideration under the redeployment process, employees must have at least 2 years' continuous service with the University. ​


Redeployment Register 

The redeployment register is a list of all University employees who have been formally identified as being at risk of redundancy i.e. who have been issued with formal notification that they are at risk and who will be made redundant if that risk cannot be avoided or they do not secure alternative employment.

To facilitate the redeployment process, we use a redeployment register to maintain the details of employees who wish to have their details placed on the register. Employees on the redeployment register will be considered for vacant roles which could be classed as suitable alternative employment before other internal or​​​ external applicants. We will also give priority to employees on the redeployment register who wish to apply for vacant roles at a lower grade.



Hiring Managers

During a period of organisational change such as redeployment, the number and grades of roles in the affected area will be identified as early as possible. It is important that the process of matching and allocating employees to roles that will exist following a period of organisational change is conducted fairly and consistently, which is highlighted below: 

  • ​Slot in: Wherever possible, employees will be slotted into roles to avoid unnecessary competition 
  • Ring- fencing – oversubscription: Where a new role combines significant parts of two or more employees’ existing roles and there are fewer roles available than employees who meet the minimum criteria. An assessment process will be required to determine which employee(s) should be appointed to the role(s). More information on 'Slot in' and 'Ring fencing' can be found on the HR policy page he​re.

Where there is no successor position or if an employee has been unsuccessful in obtaining a position of any slotting-in or ring-fenced process has been exhausted, we will support the employee to look for redeployment elsewhere in the University in line with the Redundancy policy.


As mentioned, for more information on the redundancy policy in line with redeployment please see the HR policy page here.​ ​​