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​​​​​Remote In​terviewing

We offer the option to conduct interviews remotely, should you feel that this is a suitable alternative to face-to-face interviews.


There are a number of benefits to conducting interviews this way and many candidates prefer to have this option as it allows them more flexibility to attend an interview.


Furthermore, we notice greater candidate engagement and attendance when the initial interactions are conducted remotely.


This also saves the University money as we do not have to reimburse travel and accommodation for remote interviews.

Ultimately, it is your choice and in some circumstances, Remote Interviewing is not appropriate, for instance if there is a practical task that you wish to use during the assessment process.


Some hiring panels prefer to see candidates face-to-face out of personal preference.


Because we have found that interviewing remotely in the first instance allows for the best candidate engagement and interview attendance rates, some hiring panels will invite preferred/successful candidates identified at the remote interview stage to attend campus in person for a second “informal" interview, so that you still have that face-to-face element which can be crucial for gauging team fit.


Your Talent Acquisition Consultant will be able to provide guidance on this matter if necessary so please get in touch if you would like to chat through this.


Microsoft Teams

This is the main platform which is being used for remote interviews. You should have the Microsoft Teams app already installed on your University device.


The Talent Acquisition Team will set up the remote interviews for you and send diary invites to the interview panel and candidates.


All you need to do is click into the diary entry in your calendar, click “Join" at the time of the interview and everyone with the invite should be able to access the video call.


Microsoft Teams also has a chat function so that if there are any issues with audio/video quality then you can still communicate with the candidate.


Please click here for more guidance on Microsoft teams for remote interviews.


If you are experiencing technical difficulties with your Teams call, please call Information Services on 3000 or email ISServiceDesk@napier.ac.uk.