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Our Plans and Priorities


We are ambitious for ourselves and for our students. We aspire to be a beacon of good practice across the sector by providing innovative systems and services to our students and staff across the University. We will be recognised as a centre of excellence for developing confident, outward looking and successful students. We will exceed expectations founded on the principle that every interaction matters. We will offer more opportunities which will enable our students to personalise their experiences and deliver a set of standardised, core and comparable services that provide a platform for more specialist support, advice and guidance. We will tailor our services to reflect our Schools' academic priorities and the different backgrounds, experiences and needs of our prospective, current and alumni students, and personalise our support and communications though the exploitation of our systems. We will design inclusive services and empower our students to access and benefit from them regardless of their mode of attendance or location of study. We will listen and respond to individual feedback as part of our approach to continuous improvement.


Our purpose is to work in partnership with colleagues to provide excellent customer-focussed recruitment, admission and administration services to support the student journey; to provide personalised student development and wellbeing support services to meet our students’ individual learning and professional development needs; to enhance student success and promote graduate employability; and to develop and maintain procedures to assure academic standards and enhance the quality of the student experience.


Our strategic priorities are to:


  1. Deliver student number growth and income generation through strategic oversight of our Scottish/RUK/EU recruitment strategy, admissions and conversion services.
  2. Offer excellent, responsive, personalised student experience across all 3 campuses.
  3. Enhance our online services and communications to applicants, students and staff through eServices and Online First.
  4. Be global in our outlook and internationalise our services, systems and processes.
  5. Build innovation, enterprise and citizenship skills amongst our students by offering a range of opportunities.
  6. Release staff time by adopting a continuous improvement approach to the delivery of our services by challenging current thinking, responding to feedback and reviewing what we do and how we do it.


More details about our plans are available from the links below: