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​Cyber Essentials Certification - Recent Changes

Edinburgh Napier University was successfully reaccredited for Cyber Essentials Plus​ certification following reassessment in October 2022. 

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government scheme which helps organisations protect themselves against cyber-attacks. It is required by the Scottish Government as part of their Cyber Resilience Plan and by some funders ​- find out more about Cyber Essentials​.  ​
In order to achieve reaccreditation it was necessary to make some fundamental changes to the way in which professional services and academic colleagues access the University's systems and services.  

Key changes - what you need to know

Some of the changes affect all colleagues, other changes affect Professional Services colleagues only:

All colleagues

Security updates:  We are currently pushing through a large number of security updates to managed laptops and devices. For a less disruptive experience, we recommend that you power off your devices at the end of each workday so that updates can be applied when restarting your machine.  The automatic updates can take up to one hour, particularly when you've returned from a period of leave.  We recommend you allow time before you start work, to update your laptop. 

If you’ve been away from the University for a longer period of time, there are some additional steps you need to take before you log in to your device - find out what to do if you're returning from long term leave.

University owned mobile devices:   If you have a University owned mobile device or tablet you must enrol it into the Mobile Device Management (MDM) service to b​e able to continue to access University data.  Please note: you will still be able to use unmanaged University owned devices for Multi-Factor Authentication.  You do not need to enrol your University managed laptop into MDM, as this is already in place.  

Non-compliant machines:  We have removed a number of non-compliant machines from the network. If you have lost access to any University services from a desktop machine on campus, please contact the IS Service Desk so we can patch the machines and get them back on the network.

Professional Services colleagues, and Associate Staff:

You will not be able to access any University data, or services that access University data from unmanaged devices - including personal phones, tablets, laptops and home computers.  You must use an on-campus desktop, managed laptopmanaged mobile device or the Virtual Desktop Service (VDS) to access any University data or services that access University data.  This includes the Microsoft 365 apps (including MS Outlook and MS Teams) and Adobe CC​ 

You'll find out more about the background to all of these changes and what Cyber Essentials means to the University on the Cyber Essentials Certification: Upcoming Changes page. ​

Outstanding known issues and workarounds

22 August - PC or laptop switched off for 3 months or more 

If your desktop PC / managed laptop has not been turned on in 3 months or more, you will need to contact the IS Service Desk​.  You will need to bring your laptop on to campus to be updated.  

Further information about what to do if you're returning from long term leave can be found in this document:
Device guidance - returning from long term leave.pdf

16 August – non-imaged University Windows devices and Intune MDM

It is currently not possible to enrol non Edinburgh Napier imaged Windows devices into Intune Mobile Device Management (MDM).  This includes non-HP laptops, Windows tablets and any other device to which we are unable to apply the Edinburgh Napier image (our version of Windows that we install onto University computers instead of the standard version that comes with the computers from the manufacturer).  

The majority of colleagues will be able to access University services using a standard University managed laptop or via Intune MDM​ on an Apple iPad or Android tablet, however there is a small percentage of colleagues that may require a non-imaged Windows device. 

Information Services are currently investigating the development of a new service to enrol non-imaged Windows devices, in the meantime colleagues are advised to use an alternative device that can be imaged or enrolled in Intune (Apple iPad or Android tablet).

4 August 2022:  automatic updates 

​Due to the volume of updates applied to University desktops in recent weeks, it is taking time for the updates to apply, particularly for colleagues who have returned from a period of leave.  

We recommend that colleagues allow up to one hour for the updates to apply when returning from leave. 

4 August 2022:  issue signing in to Adobe CC on Edinburgh Napier desktops

Information Services are investigating an issue signing in to the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App on Edinburgh Napier desktops.

Anyone affected by the issue will receive a "You can't get there from here" error message:  

Screenshot of "You can't get there from here" error message 

If you encounter this issue there is a temporary workaround:
  • Go to the toolbar on the top left of the Creative Cloud Desktop app window and click Help and choose Sign in using your browser from the drop down menu.  Note: if this option is not available then you will need to install the latest version of the Adobe CC Desktop App (Version from the Software Center - find out how to install software using the Software Center . 
  • The MS Edge browser will open and you will be able to sign-in to Adobe using your Edinburgh Napier login credentials. ​

Coming soon - the upcoming changes

Apple devices

We are currently implementing an enhanced management service for all University-owned Apple devices so that they can continue to access organisational data. You will have been contacted by Apple if you are required to move your Apple ID away from your Napier email address. This is a simple and mandatory activity – find out more about the change to Apple IDs.​​

Frequently asked questions

Can I still use the Authenticator app for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) on my personal device?

Yes, you can still use the Authenticator app for Multi-Factor Authentication on your personal device. 

Why is it OK to access MFA from my personal device but not other University services?

This is because ​MFA is not collecting, sharing or accessing any personal information. 

Can I access business applications from an unmanaged device?

We have an obligation to protect any system or service that contains sensitive data, therefore direct internet access by staff to business applications from any unmanaged device was withdrawn on Monday 27 June 2022. 

This means that you will need to use an on-campus desktop, managed laptop or the Virtual Desktop Service​ (VDS) to access business applications. These include but are not limited to:
  • Tracker
  • SITS e:vision

Can I still access the Edinburgh Napier app from my personal device?

You will still be able to access much of the content on the My Account app ​on a personal device.

Can I check my emails and calendar on my personal device?

You will not be able to access your Edinburgh Napier University email account directly from a personal device (this includes phones, tablets and via the web interface). The only way you can access University services from a personal device is by using the VDS (Virtual Desktop Service).

Can I join an MS Teams call on my personal device?

You will not be able to access your Edinburgh Napier University MS Teams account directly from a personal device (this includes phones, tablets and via the web interface). The only way you can access University services from a personal device is by using the VDS (Virtual Desktop Service)​.

Can I access email / calendar / MS Teams from a University owned mobile device?

​Yes, you can access these from a University owned mobile device (e.g. phone) as long as it is enrolled in  Mobile Device Management (MDM).​  

Is there a way I can get my personal device 'managed', so I can access email etc. on my phone?

No, it is not currently possible to get a personal device managed. 

Can I request a University mobile phone?

​Those who require a phone or tablet for accessing email, etc. can make a request under the End User Device Policy.  Complete the form linked to from the Request IT Equipment page​.  When making the request, colleagues will require Line Manager approval. ​

I have an unmanaged University Mac – can I use this?

We are working on a managed platform for Macs.  You'll find more on the Apple Mac project page

I have a University iPad – can I use this?

Yes, but it will need to be enrolled for Mobile Device Management (MDM).   

How quickly could I get a replacement laptop if it was to break as I will be reliant on it for all access?

We do keep a stock of laptops available for these situations, so you should be able to access a replacement quickly - go to the Request IT Equipment page​ to find out more. You will also be able to use any of the PCs on campus in the meantime. 

Will associate staff including visiting lecturers, examiners etc. be able to access University services?

Yes, they can use the Virtual Desktop Service if they don’t have managed access. 

What about visitors to the University?

If they have a business case to access University systems and services, they can get access to an Event Account

What about partner institutions overseas?

These are currently out of scope for Cyber Essentials accreditation. 

Getting Help

If you have any questions, encounter any issues or require further information, please contact the IS Service Desk​


This page was last updated on 1 November 2022. ​