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​Recruitment & Selection


The University must ensure that they recruit the right people with the right skills into the right roles. Human Resources and Development  will support managers with the recruitment and selection process to help ensure this.


Key Recruitment Documents


Here are some key tools to help you plan and manage your recruitment process:

Recruitment Policy Update - please refer to this before commencing any recruitment

Recruitment Project Planneruse this planner to work out key dates and give you an idea of how long it will take to recruit

Staffing Authorisation Form - must be submitted to gain authorisation to recruit.

Recruitment and Selection Checklist - step by step guidance document which includes links to the forms, guidance and documents that you will need at each stage of the process.

Appointment Panel Constitution - the minimum recruitment panel constitution for all posts.

Recruitment and Selection Trained Recruiters List - list of all staff members who have been trained to sit on recruitment panels.

Vacancy Management System - all job applications are made using our online application form. Recruitment contacts and panel members have access to the Vacancy Management System to view applications online. Download the Recruitment Contact user guide or the Panel Member user guide 

Recruitment and Selection FAQs


Selecting Appropriate Contract


Managers needs to ensure that it applies appropriate rules of engagement for anyone undertaking work on the University's behalf. This is not only to provide a fair and equitable framework for all its workers as a responsible employer, but also to comply with legal and other obligations, whilst at the same time maintaining sufficient flexibility to enable the delivery of individual, school/departmental and corporate needs.


Contract type
Types of work
Permanent Contract
There is an indefinite requirement and funding for the post to be carried out as far as can be reasonable predicted
Academic or Support
Fixed-Term Contract
There is a finite requirement and/or funding for the post or there is another objective justification for the fixed-term
Academic or Support e.g maternity cover or sickness cover, or to work on a specific project, research
Guaranteed Hours Contract, or Fixed-Term
Where an employee is guaranteed to be offered a specific minimum number of hours of work in the Guaranteed Hours Period (typically a semester or academic year)
Associate Lecturer – teaching, backfill for research, backfill for overseas etc
Student Experience Contract, Fixed-Term, Part-time or Guaranteed Hours
Where the contract is to provide employment linked to a specific programme of study for a fixed period of time as determined by the School for current ENU matriculated students.
Associate Lecturer
Worker, E.g Casual
Where there is no obligation to offer the individual work, nor an obligation for the individual to accept the work then the individual can be engaged
Cleaning and catering for conferences, functions etc
Demonstrating work
Various types of short-term and fluctuating work-duties e.g to cover student induction periods
Self Employed/Agreement for Services (s)
Where the requirements for employee status are not present. HRMC rules apply
Consultant or external contractor
Agency Worker
Where the agency should always be the employer, with this being clear within any contract between the department and the agency.
An Agency Worker may undertake any type of specified work function but are most likely to be engaged to provide ad-hoc or emergency cover for clerical/ secretarial/professional support work.



Recruitment need
Contract Type
Lecturer to support short term teaching gap
Fixed term guaranteed hours contract
Associate Lecturer role to be offered
Specialist Teaching Requirement/Industry Expert
Guaranteed hours contract
Appropriate Grade
PhD student
Student Experience Contract
Hours claimed as an when worked.


Recruitment & Selection Training

Staff must have completed the University's R&S training before sitting on an interview panel.

Find out when the next Recruitment & Selection Training Event takes place.

For staff who have already attended a training session at Edinburgh Napier, as a 'refresher' you may wish to refer to the online materials available on Moodle Community, for access contact Corporate Learning & Development.