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Advantages of good housekeeping


  • Less clutter and rubbish (these are the most common causes of fire and accidental injury)
  • You can find what you are looking for quicker (improved efficiency and production and less frustration)
  • Neat work area (more enjoyable and comfortable to work in)

Key steps to good housekeeping


  • Machines - keep clean and follow maintenance routines, check machine guards, power cables and switches. Report any defects immediately
  • Tools - clean off dirt and oil, store in appropriate area, repair or report defects.
  • Storage - materials, substances must be clearly labelled, stored in designated areas, and containers kept secure.
  • Floors / aisles / access areas - keep clear of debris and rubbish, do not store materials where they could create a hazard.
  • Personal Protective Equipment - keep clean and store correctly.


Housekeeping is everyone's responsibility!

Further information:

Housekeeping Policy​