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Accident & Incident reporting


​Working on campus

All injuries no matter how trivial, and dangerous occurrences/near misses, must be reported on the official health and safety incident reporting form (link above) and emailed to the Health & Safety Office - health&safetyoffice@napier.ac.uk 

Working from home

The University has a legal duty to continue dealing with accident reporting even if you are working at home. If during your working day at home, you have a near miss, incident or accident, you are required to report it. Only report it if it is in connection with your work task / work setup etc.
The form above require​s to be completed.  Your contact phone number is important so that we can contact you directly for further information and provide you with the necessary advice. Please return the completed form by email to the Health & Safety Office - health&safetyoffice@napier.ac.uk  


Contacting a first aider on campus​​​

In the event of any illness or injury on campus, contact a trained First Aider via the Security Control Room (0131 455 4444)​, campus reception or the SafeZone app. Please provide the following information:-

- Location of injured or ill person (campus, school/service and room number)

- Details of injury or illness (e.g. faint, chest pain, broken bone)

- Number from which the call is being made and name of caller

Person making request must remain with the patient or make arrangements for someone else to do so until assistance arrives.

There are notices ​displayed throughout the university advising of this procedure.

See also: First Aid​