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One of the main potential source of accidents, indeed fatal accidents, in the workplace is the use of electricity. You should take great care and never interfere with any electrical apparatus or equipment.


The following dos and don'ts are essential for safe working with electricity.


  • report to your line manager any equipment, leads, plug tops that are damaged or overheating
  • report to your line manager any equipment that is in an unsafe condition or situation


  • swap leads between machines as the fuse ratings may vary
  • use power leads that are damaged or frayed
  • use equipment if the plug is damaged
  • use leads that are not correctly clamped at the plug or socket
  • use a damaged socket
  • place papers, cups, plants on equipment


If someone suffers from electric shock


  • switch off the current and pull out the plug before touching the casualty 
  • if this is not possible, use something dry and wooden, such as a broom handle or a wooden chair, to move the casualty away from the power source
  • check casualty's breathing and pulse - if unconscious place in the recovery position
  • seek first aid/medical help immediately
  • never touch the casualty until the power source has been turned off
  • never apply water to a burn from an electric shock while the casualty is still attached to the electricity source


Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

**Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is carried out centrally by Property & Facilities (contact: Facilities Service Desk ext 5000). 

PAT Policy​



eLearning electrical safety module​ ​