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Work at Height


Access to all University roof areas will only be permitted by a completed and authorised Permit to Access Roof Area form


The School/Service must, prior to any access to roof areas or working at heights, carry out a full risk assessment of the work to be carried out and ensure suitable and sufficient control measures, systems of work, emergency procedures etc are in place before any permission to access is given. Staff and students must be aware of the identified hazards and must follow safe systems of work.


  • Any requirement for access to a roof area must be notified to security in advance.
  • Bad weather increases the risk presented by working at height in the open, therefore no access to the roof spaces should occur where the weather may compromise safety.
  • Ensure that where any roof areas are accessed that they are load bearing and suitable to walk on.
  • Suitable edge protection should be provided where there are exposed edges.
  • Areas on the ground at risk from activities being undertaken at roof level should be cordoned off with no public access allowed


Refer Section 8 page 20 "Roof Access"-  Working at Height policy