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Display Screen Equipment (DSE)


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Under the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations, a "user" means an employee who habitually uses DSE for a significant part of their normal work.


Please refer to the "Computer and other hand held devices guide" (A-Z Policies / DSE​)

For DSE users, the University will: 

Tips for improving your work environment 

  • adjust your chair and DSE to find the most comfortable position for your work. As a broad guide, your arms should be approximately horizontal and your eyes at the same height as the top of the DSE casing.
  • make sure there is enough space underneath your desk to move your legs freely. Move any obstacles such as boxes or equipment.
  • avoid excess pressure on the backs of your legs and knees. A footrest, particularly for smaller users, may be helpful.
  • arrange your desk and screen so that bright lights are not reflected in the screen. You shouldn't be directly facing windows or bright lights. Adjust curtains and blinds to prevent unwanted light.


Office furniture within the work environment should be suitable to employees needs.  Employees are able to adjust their chair in-line with the outcomes or suggestions of the online eLearning Workstation package. If however it identifies that the adjustments are insufficient, or if an employee has individual circumstances that require a more detailed investigation into the furniture at their workstation, this will be undertaken with input from both the University's Occupational Health Service Provider, Health Management, and the University's Ergonomic Furniture Provider, Posturite.

Occupational Health

Specialist ergonomic equipment - process


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