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Coronavirus - Staff FAQs

Homeworking and salary payments


What is the University’s position on homeworking during the outbreak?

Following the UK Government’s advice, we have closed all our campuses to students and the public. Colleagues must also remain at home unless attendance has been deemed essential by their manager and undertake their role from home, wherever this is possible.

I need to order IT equipment to enable me to work from home, how do I do this?

To order the required equipment to enable you to work from home you should in the first instance agree with your line manager the equipment needed. Once the request has been agreed and authorised, you should then place the order following the guidance detailed within the IT Procurement intranet page. Please note that due to the increased number of individuals now working from home, demand for equipment is currently high. This may mean that there is a delay in obtaining and then allocating the requested equipment. Please know the team are working hard to ensure that we secure and deliver the equipment as quickly as we can. 

I can carry out my role from home however I also have child/dependant caring responsibilities, what should I do?

We appreciate that it may be challenging for some people juggling both working from home and also taking care of a child/dependant. In the first instance you should discuss your personal circumstances with your line manager.


Homeworking would not normally be permitted when staff have commitments to deliver care to a dependant, however, it may be an appropriate option in view of the exceptional circumstances depending on the role and/or available technology.  


We appreciate the efforts people are going to in order to continue to fulfil their role while balancing other responsibilities and we are keen to support and facilitate alternative arrangements that would allow you to do this.  This may mean that, in agreement with your line manager, you work different shift patterns such as, condensed/longer/shorter days, working in the evening or weekend etc. This may allow you to share caring commitments with others in your household.


It may also be appropriate for you to focus on slightly different tasks which are still related to your role but are more appropriate for your particular circumstances. If you are still able to carry out the majority of your role, your salary will continue to be paid as normal. 


If, however you are unable to carry out the majority of your role, we will ask that you use any outstanding periods of flexi-leave and toil.  After this point we ask that you use annual leave to cover the periods that you cannot work up to a maximum of 10 days. After the 10 days leave has been used your particular situation will be discussed between your line manager and HR so that we can ensure all options have been explored and we have supported you as much as we can.


I am unable to work from home due to my role, what should I do?

If you are unable to carry out your role from home, we will ask that you use any outstanding periods of flexi-leave or toil.  After this point, we ask that you use annual leave to cover the periods that you cannot work up to a maximum of 10 days. After the days leave has been used, your particular situation will be discussed between your manager and HR to determine the best solution.

Why do I need to record an absence to show I am working from home?

​It’s essential we know where our staff are and what they are doing, for health, safety and legal reasons. Recording this through HR Connect is the simplest way for us to record where everyone is throughout this period of uncertainty. Please be assured that this will not be recorded on your absence record.


Managers have been asked to update HR Connect records for all staff.  Please ensure that your record reflects your current arrangement.​

How should I dispose of confidential papers when I am working from home?

If you have confidential papers which you no longer require, please retain them securely and bring them back to the University to place in a confidential waste console at the first available opportunity once lockdown is over. Only shred confidential waste at home if it is absolutely necessary and if your shredder shreds to a high enough security standard (cross cut DIN level P-4 minimum, no ‘tape’ style shredders). Further information about disposing of confidential documents whilst working from home can be found here.